Frequently Asked Questions

About the Technology

What is the film around the refill made up of?

The transparent film around the refill is a PVA. PVA film is water soluble (biodegradable) in nature. It is definitely not plastic. Water soluble means ‘able to dissolve in water’

Do the refills need to be cut?

As the refills are wrapped in water soluble film, they automatically dissolve when dropped in water and do not need to be cut.

Which type of water should be used to make the solution?

Normal tap water should be used. Refills dissolve faster in warm water than cold water.

How to use the refills and make the solution?

Drop the refill in any 1 Litre bottle -> Add water -> Shake before use -> Ready in 2 minutes!

What is the shelf life of the product?

Ecosys products can be stored upto 18 months from date of packaging

How does Ecosys promote ‘Refill & Reuse’?

As Ecosys refills can be dissolved in any reusable plastic bottle to make the 1 Litre of solution, they eliminate the need to buy new bottles. Thereby promoting ‘refill and reuse’

How does Ecosys save space and transportation?

Ecosys refill is only 6 cm in length, which can be stored in small spaces such as a drawer. Therefore, decluttering spaces.

A ready to use market cleaner transports 90% water which is not required in the case of Ecosys. Only transporting these refills saves up on 80-90% of transport costs.

About The Product

How much concentrated solution is required to make 1 Ltr solution?

Each refill of Glass cleaner, bathroom cleaner, all-purpose cleaner and air freshener contains 10ml of concentrated chemical and each 10ml refill makes 1 Ltr solution. It takes between 2-3 minutes for the refill to dissolve completely in water.

Each refill pack of floor cleaner contains 5ml x 6 capsules of concentrated chemical. Each refill pack makes 1 Ltr solution and which can be further diluted in 5 Ltr of water for everyday use.

Do the products have disinfectant properties and are they pH balanced?

Ecosys bathroom cleaner, All-purpose cleaner and Floor cleaner have disinfectant properties and kill upto 99.9% germs and bacteria. These results have been tested by NABL accredited Lab.

Ecosys products have been developed to be as effective as possible for each of the surfaces you use them on, which means that each cleaner was developed to be optimally balanced in pH levels depending on the surface.

Are the products herbal in nature?

Ecosys products are not made from natural ingredients and are therefore not herbal in nature. However all chemicals used in Ecosys are 100% non-toxic and safe.

What is the entire range of cleaners to shop from?

Ecosys cleaners contains the entire cleaning range: Glass Cleaner, Bathroom Cleaner, All-Purpose Cleaner, Floor Cleaner (Green Apple / Aloe Vera) and Air Freshener (Sea Myst)

Is the product safe for kids and pets?

As the chemicals used are 100% non-toxic they are safe for kids and pets.

How is ecosys better than market product?

  • Save on transportation and storage expense by 70%: As these cleaning refills are compact in size they can be transported or stored in smaller spaces. They declutter and save space.
  • Environment friendly: Replacing the concept of ‘use and throw’ with ‘refill and reuse’. These refills completely dissolve in water without leaving any residue and thereby do not generate any additional plastic waste.
  • 100% non-toxic chemicals: The cleaning chemicals used are completely safe and do not pose any harm to the humans or the environment
  • Cost-effective by 80%: These refills give quality output while being affordable as compared to the competitors in the market
  • Complete cleaning range: Ecosys consists of the entire cleaning range for every need- Glass Cleaner, Bathroom Cleaner, All-Purpose Cleaner, Floor Cleaner and Air Freshener.


What are the shipping and logistic charges / Is free shipping available?

Shipping cost will be automatically calculated on checkout based on the order pincode location. Free shipping is available on kits/combos

Is the product available pan india?

Yes, we ship the product across India

What payment modes are available?

Payment can be made using all forms of digital payment: Card, Net banking, UPI, Wallet etc.

What is the order ship and delivery time period?

Products are shipped within 2 working days from ordered date and normally take upto 7 working days to deliver

Is there any minimum order amount for delivery?

There is no minimum order required. You can place an order for a single refill and we will still deliver.

Can the order be cancelled?

If you wish to cancel your order, a request can be raised on our whatsapp no +917506164949. We will check the status of your order and cancel if it has not been dispatched from our end.

What is the refund/return policy?

A refund will be processed with 3-4 working days post order cancellation confirmation.

We do not accept order returns. However in case of damaged goods received we will replace or refund the amount post verifying the product images.

Shopping Guide

Can the refills be purchased directly?

Yes only the refills can be purchased, without the need to buy bottles.

Is there a sample available?

We do not provide a sample. As there in no minimum order required on checkout, a single refill can be purchased for trial as per your convenience.

How long do the cleaners last?

Glass cleaner & All-purpose cleaner: 45-60 days

Bathroom Cleaner: 30-35 days

Floor cleaner: For approx. 1500 sq.ft it lasts 30 days

Can glass surfaces be cleaned from all-purpose cleaner?

We would not recommend you to clean glass surfaces with all-purpose cleaner for the best results.

Can bathroom cleaner remove hard stains?

Incase of hard or old stains, please ensure to use the bathroom cleaner product multiple times over a stretch of 5-7 days to obtain the best results.

Can floor cleaner be used to clean bathroom floors?

Yes, floor cleaner can also be used on bathroom floors.

What is the sea myst fragrance in air freshener? How long does air freshener fragrance last? Are there other fragrances available?

Ecosys Air Freshener has a unique fresh sea breeze fragrance. It is neither sweet nor citric. Air Freshener fragrance when sprayed 5-7 times would last in an enclosed area for upto 1-2 hours. We are working on new fragrance options and would add them soon!