What are these refills?

Ecosys refill contains 10ml of pre-dosed concentrated cleaning solution wrapped inside a water soluble PVA film. This film is highly soluble in water.

It is cost-effective, safe, convenient to use,
and above all, eco-friendly! #REDUCEPLASTIC

Revolutionise the way you clean!

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1 Ecosys refill = 1 Litre cleaning solution

Isn't it funny to think how much space you would be saving by choosing Ecosys? A quantity of upto 200 refills, each 6cm in size can be stored in only a drawer! #SAVESPACE


Market cleaners contain 99% water, whereas Ecosys allows you to make your own cleaner using regular tap water. Thereby cutting down cost by 70%.

Do you really want to pay extra for water and its transportation? NO


Save our planet from the looming threat of ever growing plastic pollution by reusing existing plastic bottles and buying only Ecosys refills.

Change your habit and see the world change! YES


Ecosys cleaners are made using 100% non-toxic chemicals and specially formulated to clean efficiently at home and office.

We want the best for a happy home! YES

If you find a better cleaner, we'll take ours back!