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Ecosys Cleaners

Floor Cleaner | 6 Capsules for 1 litre Concentrate | Kids and Pet Safe | Non Toxic

Floor Cleaner | 6 Capsules for 1 litre Concentrate | Kids and Pet Safe | Non Toxic

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  • Ecosys Disinfectant Floor Cleaner: Keep your floors clean and loved ones safe
  • Non-toxic formula: Formulated with gentle yet effective ingredients
  • Thorough clean: Removes dirt and germs, ensuring a pristine surface
  • Safe for kids and pets: Provides peace of mind without posing harm

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  • Effective Clean

  • Conscious Ingredient

  • Earth Friendly Packaging

  • Vegan

  • Cruelty Free

  • Affordable Products

Introducing ECOSYS: Your Gateway to Clean your Floors with Ecosys Disinfectant Floor Cleaner. ECOSYS transforms your bathroom cleaning regimen with our powerful Disinfectant Cleaner, specially formulated for tackling germs and grime in the most crucial areas of your home. Step into a realm where cleanliness meets peace of mind, and every surface in your bathroom sparkles with confidence.

Expertly crafted for maximum efficacy, our Disinfectant Cleaner provides a thorough solution for maintaining a hygienic environment without compromise. Conveniently packaged in a 1-litre bottle, simply pour and clean - your bathroom and toilet are safeguarded with ease. Protect your loved ones, your sanctuary, and your environment with every use.

Our Disinfectant Bathroom & Toilet Cleaner harnesses potent disinfecting agents to combat bacteria, viruses, and odors, ensuring a sanitized and fresh atmosphere. Free from harsh chemicals, our formula is tough on germs yet gentle on your bathroom surfaces and the environment, delivering peace of mind with every scrub.

Get Started in just 3 simple steps

  • Pick the 6 Capsules

  • Drop, Don't Tear

  • Shake and Ready to Use

Clean All Corners of Your Bathroom with Just 1 Cleaner

Perfect for all kinds of toilet bowl, bathroom surfaces, fittings and faucets. Removes water marks, stains and lime scale.

  • Tile Flooring

  • Wooden Flooring

  • Vinyl Carpets

What Makes Ecosys Cleaners Different

Customer Reviews

Based on 116 reviews
Komal Upadhyaya
No hands roughness

After using this product my hands doesn’t get rough.

Dhiraj Puri
Good and Safe

The cleaner is good and safe for pets

Karishma Naik
Gentle and effective

I love how gentle and effective the product is. It also smells so good.

Ansh Shah


Anita Kaur
Worth buying

Really worth buying. Loved it!!


Save Planet. One Bottle at a Time.

Everytime you use Ecosys Magic Capsules, you save 60gms of plastic from entering our rivers & seas.