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Ecosys is a pre-dosed 100% water soluble capsule technology. These cleaning capsules of 10ml each make 1 litre of cleaning solution when dissolved in water. They are convenient, safe and cost-effective as compared to products available in the market while being eco-friendly. It takes only 2-3 minutes to make a solution on your own from these soluble capsules. 

 Here are the problems that can be solved by choosing Ecosys:

  1. Stop paying for water: Conventional cleaners contain 99% water, whereas Ecosys allows you to make your own cleaner using regular tap water. So why pay extra?
  2. Develops sustainability: Replace the concept of ‘use and throw’ and get started with ‘refill and reuse’. Buy only the refills and keep reusing existing bottles and containers.
  3. 100% non-toxic ingredients: These capsules are infused with disinfectant properties but do not contain any harmful substance, which makes them safe for both humans and pets.
  4. Zero waste concept: These capsules come in a biodegradable sachet. Also, once the capsule gets dissolved into water, it does not leave any micro plastic pollutants behind.
  5. Cost-effective: These capsules give quality output while being affordable as compared to other plastic packaged cleaners available in the market.
  6. Complete cleaning range: Ecosys provides a range of cleaning products for every need- Glass Cleaner, Bathroom & Toilet Cleaner, Floor Cleaner, Kitchen Cleaner, All Purpose Cleaner and Air Freshener.


 Here is the MRP of all products:

SKU Name MRP (1 Litre)
Glass Cleaner Rs.99
Bathroom Cleaner Rs.125
All Purpose Cleaner Rs.125
Kitchen Cleaner Rs.199
Floor Cleaner (Aloe Vera / Green Apple) Rs.225
Air Freshener (Sea Myst) Rs.225


We are here to revolutionise the cleaning industry through a smart and innovative green solution!