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Ecosys is a pre-dosed 100% water soluble capsule technology. These cleaning capsules of 10ml each make 1 litre of cleaning solution when dissolved in water. They are convenient, safe and cost-effective as compared to products available in the market while being eco-friendly. It takes only 2-3 minutes to make a solution on your own from these soluble capsules. 


Here are the problems that can be solved by choosing Ecosys:

  1. Save on transportation and storage expense by 70%: As these cleaning capsules are compact is size they can be transported or stored in a small space. They de-clutter and save space.


  1. Environment friendly: Replacing the concept of ‘use and throw’ with ‘refill and reuse’. These capsules completely dissolve in water without leaving any residue and thereby do not generate any additional plastic waste. 


  1. 100% non-toxic chemicals: The cleaning chemicals used are completely safe and do not pose any harm to the humans or the environment


  1. Cost-effective by 60%: These capsules give quality output while being affordable as compared to the competitors in the market


  1. Complete cleaning range: Ecosys consists of the entire cleaning range for every need- Glass Cleaner, Bathroom Cleaner, All-Purpose Cleaner, Floor Cleaner and Air Freshener.

    Here is the price chart for your reference:

SKU Name

MRP (1 Litre)

Glass Cleaner


Bathroom Cleaner


All Purpose Cleaner

Rs. 95

Floor Cleaner (Aloe Vera / Green Apple)


Air Freshener (Sea Myst)



We are here to revolutionise the cleaning industry through a smart and innovative green solution!