What is PVA?

If we go as per the textbook, PVA stands for Polyvinyl alcohol. It is obtained through industrial processing of polyvinyl acetate (PVAc), into a chemical alcohol like methanol


Properties of PVA

PVA is a water soluble commercially made substance, which can dissolve into both hot and cold water.

By default it is colourless and fragrance free.

Using PVA does not lead to any micro plastic pollution, because the microbes present in water helps PVA to liquefy completely and transform into H2O and CO2.


PVA Film

PVA film is no less than a chemistry wonder. Yes, you heard it right because a PVA film has all necessary features of plastic, like being bendy, stretchy, etc but it is NOT PLASTIC. It is completely water soluble and bio degradable.

PVA Film is a revolutionary packaging material, not only because it has great strength and flexibility but also due to its environmental friendly properties.

It can be manufactured into various forms depending upon the nature of product to be packaged. For example, from powdered cement to liquid soaps numerous articles can be packed into a PVA film.

With huge hydrolysis potential (breakdown of chemical component into water), PVA film has a wide usage in packaging industry nowadays.

PVA Film properties

Here are the key features of PVA Film which helped us (ECOSYS) to decide why we should go with PVA film as a packaging material instead of other non eco friendly alternatives:

  1. Eco Friendly:

    PVA film is biodegradable and water soluble which leaves no minute plastic particles behind.

  2. Safer Product:

    Since it avoids human contact from the inside material, PVA film makes the products even more safe for use.

  3. Ensures product safety:

    PVA film has great strength to protect the material packed inside from any outside contamination, keeping the product alright for use.

  4. Product friendly:

    Because PVA film has no colour and smell of its own it helps the material packed inside to remain as it was when first packed. PVA film brings no changes into the product, keeping its original properties restored.

  5. Non toxic:

    PVA film is named as ‘Green’ packaging material, causing no restrain in growth of microorganisms.

  6. Easy to use:

    Since PVA film is highly flexible, capsules coated in PVA film contain a very precise dose of solution so you don’t have to measure any quantity while using them, just put it in water and your cleaning solution is ready for use.