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Ecosys Cleaners

Kitchen + Utensil Cleaner with Herbal fragrance | Degreaser | 2-in-1 action formula

Kitchen + Utensil Cleaner with Herbal fragrance | Degreaser | 2-in-1 action formula

  • Ecosys Kitchen + Utensil Cleaner: Revitalize your kitchen with a delightful herbal fragrance
  • 2-in-1 action formula: Acts as both a degreaser and cleaner for efficient cleaning
  • Effortless grease and grime removal: Say goodbye to tough stains with Ecosys' natural cleaning power
  • Fresh herbal scent: Leave behind an invigorating aroma for an enjoyable cooking space

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  • Effective Clean

  • Conscious Ingredient

  • Earth Friendly Packaging

  • Vegan

  • Cruelty Free

  • Affordable Products

Introducing ECOSYS: Your Gateway to Eco-Friendly Cleanliness with Kitchen + Utensil Cleaner. ECOSYS transforms your kitchen cleaning routine with our Refillable EcoFriendly Kitchen + Utensil Cleaner, ingeniously packed for effortless use. Step into a world where sustainability meets versatility, and every surface in your kitchen gleams with eco-conscious brilliance. Experience the refreshing herbal fragrance and the power of our 2-in-1 action formula, which acts as both a degreaser and a cleaner. Free from harsh chemicals, our eco-friendly formula effectively combats dirt, grease, and stains on your kitchen surfaces and utensils while being gentle on your home and the environment. Safeguard your family, space, and planet while enjoying a clean and fresh kitchen environment.

Our Kitchen + Utensil Cleaner is specially designed to provide a thorough and eco-friendly cleaning experience for your kitchen. With its herbal fragrance and powerful degreasing action, it effectively removes tough stains and grease, leaving your kitchen surfaces sparkling clean. Step into a world where sustainability meets cleanliness and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with using our eco-friendly solution.

Get Started in just 3 simple steps

  • Pick the Capsule

  • Drop, Don't Tear

  • Spray

Clean all Corners of your Kitchen with Just 1 Kit

Perfect for all kinds of stains and dirt present in any corner of your kitchen and utensil.

  • Chimney

  • Exhaust fan

  • Gas Stove

  • Utensils

  • Kitchen Surface

  • Cookware

What Makes Ecosys Cleaners Different

Customer Reviews

Based on 69 reviews
Archana Karnik
Super degreaser

I liked the product very much. Easy to clean

Meloni Shah
Stain Remover

The turmeric and greasy stain were difficult to remove, I also tried using 4 capsules in bottle, but it did work verywell.


It’s super……I like the results…….can b use anywhere……this is my 2nd order………ll order wen I finish my recent purchase

Sandeep Dixit
Best Degreasing Product

One of the best product I had used to clean Chimney, Exhaust fan etc.

Sangita mayani
Excellent Products

Surprise to see how a small capsule can do so much of effective cleaning

Save Planet. One Bottle at a Time.

Everytime you use Ecosys Magic Capsules, you save 60gms of plastic from entering our rivers & seas.